Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is the cabana to set up & take down?

There are only (2) shock corded fiberglass poles that criss cross to give the cabana its shape.  It takes one person about 7 min to insert the poles through the sleeves and set up the cabana.   It takes about 1/2 the time with 2 people.   On soft terrain like grass and sand, you can use the included stakes to hold the cabana in place. If using the cabana on a hard surface, like the parking lot at a tailgating event, you may need to uses something with weight, like a rock or a small bag filled with sand, depending on the wind conditions.

How does the cabana perform in windy conditions?

In light winds, the included pegs, guide wires, and bungee cords may be required to secure the bottom of the cabana to the ground and to prevent it from bends in the direction of the wind. In moderate winds, we recommend adding the optional larger nail pegs, and rolling up the side panels & window cover to allows the wind to pass through it. For stronger winds and gusts, we found that all the above help, even though setup may require 2 people. Just like any other light cabana style tent, or umbrella-type shades, at some point the wind is too strong and use is not recommended.

When should you deploy the all-terrain wheels?

The large 10 inch diameter wheels install in seconds by inserting the included metal axle through the metal sleeve at the bottom of the bag, and mounting the wheels.  These can be used to easily pull heavier loads, through sand, or in rugged terrain.  When setting up the cabana, it is recommended to either remove the wheels, or use something to “level” the bag with the ground.  For most uses, the bag rolls fine using the permanently attached 3 inch wheels.

Is the bag easy to store?

Yes.  The hard Velcro-attached panels that make the bag sturdy and give it its shape detach easily and can be stored with the collapsible cooler & larger wheels inside the bag.  The GoBag, collapsed with the panels and wheels inside, requires only 8 inches in height and 36 inches in length for storage.  Make sure the panels are installed using the correct velcro matches for quick set up time.

Is there ample storage?

Absolutely!   The Go Bag is designed to carry up to 40 – 50 lbs of gear. This includes ice & drinks in the cooler.   The larger wheels allow easy rolling in order to get to your destination from your vehicle.

How much does it weigh?

The Go Bag weighs 30 lbs. shipped. If the large wheels are not deployed, The Go Bag is about 25 lbs, with the side panels & canopy.

Will it fit in my car trunk?

The Go Bag measures 36 x 18 x 15 when the side panels are installed.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

We want our customers to get years of satisfaction with our product and refer their friends to us. If you have any questions about anything, please use the “Contact Us” option and we will get back to you promptly with answers.