How It Works

The GoBag™ was developed for individuals and families who want to grab their stuff, & get going. We have designed an “All in One” solution for folks to have all their necessary items stored in one location!

The GoBag™ is a self-contained transport system that is easy to move & has enough room and a deployable shelter to keep you comfortable wherever you need to be. It includes a detachable wheel system you can use to maneuver over rough terrain, such as sand, gravel, uneven land, and heavy grass. This wheel system can be removed in seconds. Once you remove the larger wheels, you can use The Go Bag just like any other roll-on luggage!

The GoBag™ contains a deployable canopy that you can use when you need shade & protection from the elements. This canopy is stored in the rear side pouch. You may not always need this feature, but it is always nice to be able to have a shelter in case you need to get out of the rain, or, just need to be under a cabana!

The GoBag™ also has a collapsible cooler that fits securely inside. This cooler can be detached at any time to take your ice, drinks, and anything else you want kept cold to another spot!”

The GoBag™ also has sufficient storage space for your portable electronics, solar chargers, Tablets, or cell phones. There is also a compartment for roll out mats or blankets for your comfort.

The netting, which can be attached to the carabiners by the pull handle, can store small items, such as a small BBQ grill, fishing gear, etc.

Simply, The GoBag™ is the best way to transport all the stuff you need to go to the beach, youth sporting events, fishing, hunting, tail gaiting, disaster preparation for hurricanes or whatever! You need a GoBag!



All terrain transport system to get you anywhere you want to go


Detachable internal cooler.


Two different sized sets of wheels. Oversized wheels are detachable.


The GoBag Integrated portable Tent/Cabana sets up in minutes.

The GoBag™ encompasses all of the items needed when on-the-go to the fun places where people love to spend the day outdoors. On arrival, you can set up your basecamp in minutes with GoBag’s attached 6’x6’x6’ water resistant cabana sun tent that’s tucked away in a side pouch.


Collapses into a 34x18x8 size for storage when not in use.


Designed to easily carry folding chairs.


The bag top converts into a sturdy tabletop.


Bag conveniently fits in standard vehicle truck.


Plenty of compartments for all needed items.

  • Two large front pouches.
  • Extra-long side storage pouch designed for blanket.
  • Clear plastic pocket for cell phone, tablet or solar panel

Solid side panels are removable for easy storage.


Attachable clips and nylon netting for transporting additional items.


Tent/Cabana has roll up sides and zippered mesh front.


Two different sized sets of wheels. Oversized wheels are detachable..

The GoBag™ Specifications

GoBag™ Dimensions


Exterior: L:34″ W: 18″ H:15″


Weight: 30 lbs shipped, 28 lbs unpacked

Soft Shell Cooler Dimensions


Cooler: L:16" W: 13" H:13"

Cabana Dimensions


Cabana: H: 6'6" W: 5'4" D: 4'6"

Table Dimensions


Table: L: 26" W: 15" H: 15"

Wheel Size Dimensions


Regular 3" diameter with a 13" base


Rugged Inflatable Wheels 10" diameter with a 28" base

Nylon Netting

Attachable Clips

Clear Plastic Pouch for Solar Panels

Amazing Design

What are you waiting for?

Let's Get Up And Go!

This uniquely designed all-in-one product replaces the hassle and expense of purchasing each feature individually. All the items contained in The GoBag™ purchased separately would cost well over $500.00

The GoBag™ is the ultimate way to transport everything needed for fun and comfort for all outdoor activities.

Just like our slogan “Get Up and Go!” says, The GoBag™ is the all-in-one solution for active people on-the-go to enjoy the perfect day outdoors. It’s great for tailgating, camping, picnics, sports and the beach. The GoBag™ is a high quality all-in-one transportation system on wheels that’s packed with all the things people usually have to carry on multiple awkward trips.

Instead of stumbling to the beach with chairs in one hand, a cooler in the other and towels and a cabana tent left back in the car for a second trip, we’ve put everything in our one easy to roll GoBag™. In minutes you can have your cabana set up, your cold drinks served, your table and chairs out, and all of the supplies you would ever want are at the ready in your GoBag™.