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All-in-One GoBag with Built-in Cabana, Cooler & Everything Needed for the Beach, Tailgating & Every Outdoor Activity.

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The GoBag™ is the ultimate way to transport everything needed for fun and comfort for all outdoor activities.

Just like our slogan “Get Up and Go!” says, The GoBag™ is the all-in-one solution for active people on-the-go to enjoy the perfect day outdoors. It’s great for tailgating, camping, picnics, sports and the beach. The GoBag™ is a high quality all-in-one transportation system on wheels that’s packed with all the things people usually have to carry on multiple awkward trips.

Instead of stumbling to the beach with chairs in one hand, a cooler in the other and towels and a cabana tent left back in the car for a second trip, we’ve put everything in our one easy to roll GoBag™. In minutes you can have your cabana set up, your cold drinks served, your table and chairs out, and all of the supplies you would ever want are at the ready in your GoBag™.

The GoBag™ encompasses all of the items needed when on-the-go to the fun places where people love to spend the day outdoors.

  • On arrival, you can set up your basecamp in minutes with GoBag’s attached 6’x6’x6’ water resistant cabana sun tent that’s tucked away in a side pouch.
  • The GoBag™ also includes a zippered compartment that houses a blanket or comfortable floor mat to provide protection from the ground and sand.
  • The GoBag™ is equipped with a removable cooler that’s custom fitted inside the bag, ideal for joining a tailgate party three vehicles down.
  • The versatile GoBag™ is great for picnics too. Once unpacked, the top cover become a sturdy table that can hold drinks and food.
  • The large wheel system can be attached when pulling The Go Bag through sand or heavy terrain to get your “stuff” to your desired location.  These wheels can be installed in minutes when you need them.
  • If a portable power source is needed, the GoBag™ has a clear plastic pouch on the top of the cover to store a portable solar charger for charging phones, tablets, or speaker systems. Electronic devices can also be stored in this pouch for protection from water or sand.

Grab The GoBag™ for the perfect outdoor experience.



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